My name is Aizea Arce and I’m the one behind the camera.

I’ve always thought that to break the rules you must first master them, that’s why I insisted in finding a school that could teach me everything I could learn about analog photography, chemistry, optics, and light. After four years studying, in which I worked for different magazines and publishing companies, making portraits, features, and photography of concerts, I learned to find the photo without having time for a second chance. I learned that you are the only one who limit your own camera and that to find the perfect photo you just have to know how to look.

For me, wedding photography combines every style that I’m passionate about in the best of the environments. The couple’s happiest day. And you don’t need anything more than that for the magic to arise.



You are determined, you are funny, and you are head over hills/madly in love with each other. Photography is important for you and that is why you want to hire the suitable person. I encourage you to search and look. Make sure to find pictures you will love and a photographer you will have a connection with. Don’t resign yourselves with less. A wedding is a unique moment that won’t happen again, and the only things that will remain as a tangible memory (besides the wedding dress) will be the photos.



Juno&Hera was born three years ago as a one of my facets regarding my photographic job in Barcelona. Nowadays, I work exclusively as a wedding photographer. If you would like to take a look to what I used to do, you can do it here.



Jupiter’s/Zeus’ wife and queen of all Gods. Marriage and family Goddess.

*Hera seems to be the feminine of Heros (warrior/hero) and Aer (air), as well as Erao (love).