Should we buy a nice gift? It sounds good … But what ?! You don’t celebrate 30 years every day, neither 25, neither 60 .. Every year the same story … I know! And if we do something this year that they will always remember .. What if we buy them a professional photo session? They will love it!


xec-regal-fotografia-nebotFamily grows
Is there a new member in the family? or in your friends family? Are you tired of giving very expensive clothes that in a couple of months they can not wear anymore? Give them a newborn photography session gift! Give them a way of keeping the precious memories of those first months forever!


Why do all my friends get married at once? I can’t figure it out what to give! I want something that makes them happy but I want it to be really personal. Let’s give them a couple photography session! Surely something they will never forget … * If you want to give the coverage of the wedding, please email telling me what you have thought and let’s give them a huge surprise.

vale-regalo-fotografia-san-valentinThat special day
Is that special day of the year again, and again I don’t know what to buy, I will not end up buying socks again! Nope! I refuse! This year I will make an original gift, something that we will enjoy very much. A couple photography shoot!
It’s simple. You just send me an email indicating who do you want to give the photo voucher to. Once the payment is confirmed I will send you an email with the custom voucher in it. Once you receive the email, you can it give away. Tell your special person that in order to use it he/she will have to contact me to set the day. We will find the perfect time!

The voucher consists in a couple, family or children photography session. The duration of the session is one hour, the “normal” sessions are two hours. Once we have done the session I will digitally edit the best images, without any quantity limit, and deliver them on a USB in a maximum resolution, so they can use them as the want. All images are delivered in both black and white and color.

The gift voucher price is 150€. This price is per couple, if you want another couple to join then price will increase in 60€. The session will be held in Vienna, Bilbao or Barcelona. For other locations please write me before purchasing the voucher.

The session will be scheduled within a maximum of 12 months from the purchase.

* If you want to customize your gift voucher with a longer session, an album or a different kind of session it’s perfectly fine, just write me an email and we will arrange all the details.